sjtNotes v1

Well, it’s been pretty quiet around here for the last couple of weeks (months?) but now something happens; a new mel script. sjtNotes is a supersimple script that simply allows you to have some notes inside your scene that are saved along with your scene file. The script is ridiculously simple and opens this window:


Then you type your notes and hit “Save & close” and then run the script again and edit those notes and again save and close. You get the drift

Anyway, here’s the link to this awesome script: sjtNotes v1 If there is anything wrong with this script or you actually can use this then please let me know. In other news I’m just busy working on my demo reel at VFS mostly spending my time rigging and learning stuff about maya that I didn’t know, like the deformation order, which I like a lot and has saved my ass on one occasion. Oh, and I’m dabbling with RenderMan, it. is. awesome. (so far at least).